University of Massachusetts Creates World-Record Fruit Salad to Start the School Year

According to the <a href=””>Associated Press</a>, students and staff at the University of Massachusetts have collaborated to create a fruit salad of what they claim is world-record-breaking size.

This is in keeping with the recently-begun university tradition of starting each year with a massive culinary creation (last year, according to <a href=””>Boston Magazine</a>, they whipped up a 6500-pound seafood stew). More than 500 people were involved in making the salad, which weighed in at over 15,000 pounds and contained 150 varieties of fruit, including more than half a ton of oranges, nearly two tons of apples, and 2500 pounds of assorted melons.

The achievement was <a href=””>confirmed by Guinness World Records</a>, managing to beat out the previous contender for the title, a concoction created at McGill University in Montreal, Canada that weighed in just over 11,000 pounds.

The University <a href=”″>has pledged to waste</a> as little of its creation as possible, putting it to use in dining commons and other locations on campus. The ingredients were locally sourced as much as possible to make a statement about both sustainability and the importance of healthy eating. Some of the produce was also grown right on campus by students and professors in agriculture-related fields.

Various sponsors helped to cover the costs of the event, such as Ecolab, Barilla, Bush’s Best, Freshpoint, Kittredge Equipment, Cambro, General Mills, Performance Foodservice, Teddy Bear Pools, Texas Pete, Dole, and Coca Cola.

Elli Alder is a seasoned journalist with 12 years experience as a reporter and investigative journalist. While studying journalism at Ryerson, Elli channeled her inter journalist and worked as a beat reporter for the Ryerson Rams.  As a contributor to County Telegram, Elli covers municipal and provincial politics.

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