Global Robotic Parking System Market Expected to Grow US$135.87 Mn by 2022: A Comparative Analysis

Global Robotic Parking System Market Expected to Grow US$135.87 Mn by 2022: A Comparative Analysis

The report covers the current trend, growth, size of the Global Robotic Parking System Market. Report Consultant has produced a 221 Pages report to help the marketers of this industry. It comprises of a deep study on current trend of the market, opportunity, size, and different segments according to regions, types, applications, the leading Key Players of the industry, the growth on revenue, CAGR and forecast of the market.

The Global Robotic Parking System Market has significantly grown up due to the increase in users of Automobiles. The world of Automotive Parking System has given rise to Robotic Parking System. Robotic Parking System is an automotive Parking Solution which is used to make the parking system automated. The human activities are replaced by a machine called Robots. Robots help in reducing the physical and mental pressure on human being.

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It has been analyzed by our expert analysts that Global Robotic Parking System Market will significantly reach to the number US$135.87 Mn by the year 2022. In the year of 2017 it was US$60.45. So within five years the revenue growth will be more than double. This study also focuses on the market scope, segmentation, dynamics, trends, and the major key players.

Global Robotic Parking System Market Segments by Type

Standalone AGVs

AGVs with Peripherals


Market Segments by Application




Market Segments by Regions





Asia Pacific





And many more

The key players of Robotic Parking System Market play a major role in growing the revenue of the market. This report describes the complete details of these companies their key development strategies, what product they offering, Financial analysis and SWOT Analysis. Some of the key players are:

A.P.T. Parking Technologies

CityLift Parking

Fata Automation

Lodige Industries

Smart City Robotics

WorldWide Robotic Automated Parking, LLC

Unitronics PLC

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Apart from these details this report consists of the qualitative and quantitative analysis of Robotic Parking System market. It provides a vision towards various factors which are the causes for driving or restraining the market growth. With the study of the report you will able to derive new strategy through which you will be ahead of your competitors.

Here we provide a brief of the contents of the report.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Market Scope and Segmentation

Chapter Two: Robotic Parking System Market Snapshot

Chapter Three: Executive Summary

Chapter Four: Quantitative Analysis

Chapter Five: Market revenue and Forecast (2018-2023) by Application

Chapter Six: Market revenue and Forecast (2018-2023) by Type

Chapter Seven: Global Robotic Parking System Market revenue and Forecast (2018-2023) by Region

Chapter Eight: Competitive benchmark

Chapter Nine: Key Players

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