Wonderland Double Stabbing Claims One Life

In the parking lot of Wonderland in Canada, Sunday saw a double stabbing incident after people left the “Halloween Haunt” held at the park. One man was stabbed to death while the other victim has sustained serious injuries. The call was received by the regional police of York at 12:30 am and reached the huge parking lot of Wonderland in Vaughan, Ontario. When they arrived at the location, they found these two men with serious stab wounds. During the inspection, the young man in his 20s was pronounced dead, while the other man had critical injuries and was rushed to the nearest hospital.

The police officers could not clearly state if the men had been visiting the park for the Halloween event or not. The event started from 7pm and went on till midnight. The spokesperson for Wonderland said that the stabbing incidents seemed to have taken place on the Wonderland parking lot’s outer edge. He also said that there was no apparent connection between the double stabbing and the Halloween event.

After the 2003 Wonderland shooting, security measures have been tightened around the park, the spokesperson mentioned. The 2003 shooting occurred in front of Wonderland gate where a young man from Toronto was shot to death right after the gates closed. The new security measures at Wonderland involved bag checks and metal detectors.

One of the people who attended the event said that the park was operating at over-capacity. The attraction wait times were over 2 hours in certain cases; and many heated exchanges were witnessed in the crowd. Complaints were filed against the park administrators regarding these issues by the attendees of the Halloween event. One of the attendees said that she would not be surprised if the over-capacity has something to do with the double stabbing.

Ref: http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/Canada/2014/10/26/22031396.html

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