An anticipated increase in gas prices this week

According to Dan McTeague, senior analyst at, Canadian consumers should expect to pay more for gasoline from April 3 to 4, as they do every year.

According to McTeague, the increase could reach four cents, which means the provincial average could hit $1.30.

“The increase is due to the move from winter blends to summer,” says McTeague.

“I would not be surprised to see prices move in the $1.40 range this summer,” he adds.

Mr. McTeague explains that gasoline in Canada differs from season to season. The product sold in winter ignites more easily to allow most vehicles to start in colder weather.

During the hot summer months, additives are placed in the gasoline to prevent the gases from igniting at the wrong time at higher temperatures.

So it’s the same thing every year: prices are rising across the country in the spring.

“These additives are quite expensive and usually mean an overall increase of four cents for most Canadian drivers, from the early days of April to mid-September, after which we return to production costs of the winter essence, “according to the analyst.

“That means, of course, that the prices at the Toronto pump are likely to go to brands that we have not seen since August 2014.”

According to him, gas prices are now about 23 cents per liter higher than last year at this time.

Mr. McTeague has some tips to help consumers reduce their final bill. Among other things, he suggests going to the pump late in the evening. “You would be very surprised at the differences at the same gas station during a single day. According to him, it is possible to observe drops of more than $ 0.07 per liter during the same day.

Elli Alder is a seasoned journalist with 12 years experience as a reporter and investigative journalist. While studying journalism at Ryerson, Elli channeled her inter journalist and worked as a beat reporter for the Ryerson Rams.  As a contributor to County Telegram, Elli covers municipal and provincial politics.

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